Wood & Housing Materials Division

The work of the Wood & Housing Materials Division involves researching and developing preservative chemicals as well as the manufacturing of wood products which have undergone our technologically advanced wood preservation treatment. At Kanematsu Sustech, we constantly strive to make long-lasting wood products into a reality.

Preservative Treated Wood Product List

We have a wide array of quality products that have undergone our technilogically advanced wood preservation treatment, including wood foundations, laminate lumber and plywood. We also offer our customers our pressure treatment for wood that they have procured themselves.

Preservative Treatment

An introduction to our technologically advanced wood preservation treatment (developed to improve the durability of wood) including all of its details and why it is necessary.

Eco Wood Pile

Our Eco Wood Pile combines the power of our wood piles and preservative chemical. Striving to keep carbon emissions low, our Eco Wood Pile is produced with wood obtained through forest thinning, thereby helping to prevent the impact of global warming.


Our matches are manufactured with wood thinned from forrests and our matchboxes are produced with recycled waste-paper. Our matches are manufactured according to our policy which calls for the effective use of natural resources and care for the environment.


What is wood decade? What is preservative chemical? Questions we have received from customers can be seen here.