The Eco Wood Pile, well supported by eco-power

Our Eco Wood Piles are wooden piles used to stabilize the foundations of structures. In recent years, because of global warming, lessening the heavy load being placed on our environment has become an important issue. Our Eco Wood Piles are made using natural, domestic wood. At Kanematsu Sustech, we use domestic resources, such as forest thinned timber, for our carbon offset so that we can help to achieve a low carbon society.

Substantial reduction of CO2

Iron/steel or cement, which are generally used for foundation stabilization, generate 8t of CO2 in the process of manufacturing the amount required for 1 building. However, for trees, they absorb CO2 as they grow, through the process of photosynthesis. If 4 cubic meters of timber are used for 1 building, 7t of CO2 are absorbed. In short, if we don't use iron/steel or cement piles to stabilize foundations and instead use Eco Wood Piles, it will lead to a reduction of 15t of CO2 per structure. Using Eco Wood Piles instead of concrete or iron/steel piles will ultimately lead to effects such as an increase in demand for domestic lumber, an increase in captured CO2 inside trees, a revival of the lumber industry and more. However, as wood piles are subject to the external factors of biodeterioration, they cannot maintain their original level of performance over a long period of time. Therefore, there is a need to improve the reliability and durability of wood piles through pressurized preservation treatment.