Working devotedly behind the scenes

Support our society with technology

Continually striving to build on and improve the technology we use,
we provide safety and security to society through our three core businesses:
Geo-tech, Wood & Housing Materials, and CCTV Systems.
Our company name, Sustech, expresses our management philosophy
and mission to “Support our society with technology.”
Although we work “behind the scenes,”
we continually challenge ourselves in new ways to build safety and security for all.

Corporate Data

Wood & Housing

We are involved in researching and developing preservative chemicals as well as the manufacturing of wood products which have undergone our technologically advanced wood preservation treatment.


Preservative Treatment

Wood keeps our living environment warm and comfortable, and it is an easily processable resource. However, wood-destroying fungi and termites love the cellulose and hemicellulose that make up wood.


Eco Wood Pile

Our Eco Wood Piles are made using natural, domestic wood. At Kanematsu Sustech Corporation, we use domestic resources, such as forest thinned logs, for our carbon offset so that we can help to achieve a low carbon society.


Geo-tech Division

The most important thing when you build a house is knowing the condition of your site . Geo-tech Division can offer you an on-site survey and evaluate the various data points, and then we will suggest to you the best method of improving your land.

CCTV Systems Division

As the official distributer of the WISENET™ Security Monitoring Devices and others, we provide total solutions for the video surveillance systems in Japanese market.


Tornare Nihonbashi Hamacho
3-3-2 Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0007